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Safety Analysis and Assessment

Expert safety assessments by qualified personnel

Safety analysis and assessment are essential to determine if safety requirements are being met for a broad range of operating conditions and potential events in nuclear plants.  A respected, established provider of safety-based services to the CANDU fleet worldwide, Candesco offers decades of experience with Canadian and international nuclear technologies.

Now part of the Kinectrics group, Candesco has worked extensively on a wide range of projects for new build, life extension and decommissioning of various nuclear facilities.

Established expertise

Candesco personnel understand current issues in safety analysis and are very familiar with the safety reports for Canadian nuclear stations. Our staff played a key technical and management role in the work which produced the original industry guidelines and standards for plant safety analysis.

This unique continuity and resultant long-term perspective provides Candesco with the ability to deliver effective strategies to resolve complex safety analysis issues and, integrate them with technical positions in key areas. Our capabilities in safety analysis and assessment typically cover: 

  • Thermal Hydraulics
  • Reactor and Radiation Physics
  • Trip Assessment
  • Fuel and Fuel Channels
  • Probabilistic Risk Assessment
  • Severe Accident and Hazard Analysis
Our Candesco Safety Analysis Team employs state-of-the-art methods and computer codes, including Industry Standard Codes (IST) to deliver the following services:
  • Strategies for R&D, and safety analysis programs and projects
  • Safety case development and Safety Analysis Reports
  • Determining and implementing Risk Informed Decision-making applications for safety analysis and potential design changes
  • Assessment of safety analysis programs as compared to modern codes and standards
  • Preparing and executing detailed analytical plans
Our Safety Analysis Team is further complemented by the Probabilistic Risk Assessment Department at Kinectrics Inc. 

Recent Projects

Recent Candesco safety analysis projects include "Pump Trip Event" for a Canadian nuclear station, a "Large break LOCA Probability Assessment" for a nuclear association, and "Prototype project design assistance related to physics simulation.  

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