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PowerKage™ Security Fence 2014 - New Features and More Benefits

Security and Animal Mitigation Improvements to Substation Perimeter Fences

Many existing substation perimeter fences are old and / or in poor condition. In addition, the risk of more frequent materials theft (due to higher copper prices) and a greater number of ground animals have created a trend to high incidences of human and animal intrusion into electrical utility stations, and other industrial facilities. 

As a result, utilities in particular, are facing  more significant material replacement costs as well as lower sales revenues due to power outages.

Effective Mitigation

The original PowerKage™ non-electric fence--a proven patented animal deterrent system--effectively prevents small ground animals from digging under the fence line, penetrating through the mesh fabric, and most importantly--from climbing over the top of the fence. 

With recent design improvements, the expanded metal grating of the original PowerKage™ can now be upgraded from chain link material to galvanized expanded metal.  Expanded metal is an improved intrusion deterrent because it is much more difficult for people to climb and gain access due to its tighter spacing, sharper edges and breach resistance (harder to cut and open).

The new PowerKage security fence system also features expanded metal panels as anti-dig barriers against animals that otherwise might burrow under the fence, creating an access point.

The PowerKage™ security fence is an extremely flexible system that can be customized to suit most security fence applications, from power plants to schools, to airports, prisons and other industrial installations.

Retrofitting a chain link fence with expanded metal is also a popular choice for sites where theft has become a concern.



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