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PowerKage™ – Non-Electric Fence

PowerKage™ is an innovative non-electric fence designed by Kinectrics to prevent ground access by animals to electrical equipment at substations, thereby eliminating a common cause of power outages.

Power outages caused by animal intrusion typically involve significant man-hours and high repair costs to resolve and can seriously impact transmission and distribution station performance.

Effective Functional Design

Kinectrics has developed the PowerKage™; an innovative non-electric fence designed to prevent ground access intrusions from squirrels, raccoons, and other animals to electrical equipment at substations.  As a result, this non-electric fence eliminates one of the most common causes of power outages.

PowerKage™ Testing - Squirrel

Kinectrics’ design has proven effective in preventing substation intrusion by animals.  PowerKage™ can be combined with cone technology to expand protection and, is now available in a new security fence design.

A Flexible, Low Maintenance Solution

PowerKage™ maintenance is minimal.  PowerKage™ fence layouts are flexible and focused so that specific problem areas can be contained, i.e. by using one or more smaller fence enclosures within the utility’s premises.

Where costs of animal-related outages are high, the payback period for the PowerKage™ is short. PowerKage™ provides a practical, humane and highly effective option to prevent power outages caused by animal intrusion.

PowerKage™ significantly decreases potential issues related to safety, liability and animal welfare that can be associated with electric fence installations and no staff training in fence operation is required.

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