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PowerKage™ - Animal Barrier and Security Fence System

Proven Effective Intrusion Deterrent Technology for Power Stations and Industrial Facilities
Many existing power facility perimeter fences are old and / or are ineffective in preventing access by ground animals or trespass by humans, both of which can cause costly and extended outages. The Kinectrics PowerKage™ non-electric fence system provides an effective solution to mitigate ground animal access to electrical substations. The PowerKage™ security fence can help utilities reduce copper theft and other damage due to illegal human intrusion.
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    The first commercial version of PowerKage™ was developed and made commercially available in 2001. Its angled non-electric shield fence design is patented. The PowerKage™ concept was first employed as a 54” high substation interior fence and more recently, as an 8’ high security fence.The original PowerKage™ solution designed by Kinectrics evolved from the testing--initiated in 1998--of  electric, versus non-electric fence designs for animal mitigation at electrical substations.

Kinectrics testing program concluded that ground animals such as squirrels and raccoons were more effectively excluded from substations using non-electric fence panels rather than electric panels. The rigorous Kinectrics’ test program, which used worst case scenario conditions, found that in many instances animals would not let shocks from an electric fence deter them. But the patented Powerkage™ physical barrier would remain unpenetrated.


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