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Power Transformers - Advanced Services

Expert Technical Support for OEMs and Service Providers

In the power transformer industry, utilities and end user customers are demanding more of equipment suppliers and service providers. Maintenance, and technical troubleshooting activities are now frequently off loaded to external providers and rapid response to complex technical issues is often required.

Equipment suppliers may have in-house expertise to support equipment or operational issues, but due to the global nature of the industry, specific capabilities may lie overseas and not be accessible within a short time frame. Suppliers who are able to provide technical or consulting services in a timely fashion hold an obvious competitive advantage.

Kinectrics Capabilities

Kinectrics offers a full range of services to complement technical support provided by equipment manufacturers and other service providers. Kinectrics brings exceptional value by providing local, readily-available qualified technical expertise and consulting, as well as a wide array of advanced testing and diagnostic capabilities.

In addition, since Kinectrics is not aligned with any particular equipment supplier, we can act as an independent, third-party, lending credibility to the end-client for any technical investigation, study or consultation.

  • Analytical testing and interpretation

       Laboratory oil analysis

       Laboratory analysis of paper and pressboard

  • Specialized testing services

       Dielectric Frequency Response (DFR)

       Frequency Response Analysis (FRA)

  • Partial Discharge Measurements
  • On-site HV Testing - Applied and induced voltage testing
  • Specific studies, investigations and expert consulting


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Industry Sector

  • Transmission & Distribution

Nature of Service

  • Engineering
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  • Certification and Qualification
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  • Inspection
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  • Testing - Field Services

Client Assets

  • Transformer

Kinectrics Facilities

  • Electrical Testing Facilities
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  • High Voltage Laboratory
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  • Interoperability Testing Lab - IEC 61850
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  • Mobile Electrical Test Facility


  • Partial Discharge Testing
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  • Partial Discharge
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  • ransformers
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  • Training
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  • Failure Analysis
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  • HV Substation Condition Assessment