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Inspection Tooling Parts and Services

Qualified inspection and maintenance tooling parts and services from the electricity generation industry’s trusted source
Kinectrics provides qualified, reliable services based on decades of experience supplying NDE tooling systems and parts to the electricity generation industry. 
We offer a wide variety of qualified inspection tooling parts and services including: 
  • TRUSTIETM steam generator inspection systems components and parts, such as drive shafts and probes
  • CWEST cutter cartridges, flasks and components
  • CIGAR tool transducers and components
  • ANDE tool transducers, motors, end-of-travel sensors
  • TSS tool parts and components
  • SLAR Linear Induction Motors (LIM), Hydraulic
  • Carts and LCC Calibration Services
  • 6-Pack tools, transducers and parts
We have state-of-the-art on-site machining and prototyping capabilities to fabricate and qualify our maintenance tooling parts.  In addition, Kinectrics runs a unique Zone 3 laboratory for radioactive decontamination, maintenance and testing of inspection and maintenance tooling.
The Kinectrics team of industry experts performs Inspection tooling qualification and performance demonstration services for maintenance tools and methods.
Our fully equipped testing laboratories include calibration specimens and mock-up facilities to support our inspection and maintenance tooling service activities.

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  • Machining and Prototyping Facility


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