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High Voltage Testing Services

Quality voltage testing services and a world-class HV test facility for the reliable support of informed industry decision-making.

Proven Capabilities

Kinectrics addresses your High Voltage testing needs for:

  • Switchgear
  • Transformer
  • Power cables
  • Insulators

We also administer voltage endurance tests for other transmission and distribution equipment rated up to 500 kV under lightning impulse, switching impulse and power frequency voltages. Our expertise extends to comprehensive indoor, outdoor, mobile and specialized environmental test facilities.

For over 30 years, electrical industry transmission programs, distribution research programs, and manufacturers who deal with product development and testing standards have used Kinectrics’ capabilities and facilities in the field of high voltage apparatus and insulation systems. In addition, we always welcome customer involvement.

Setting Industry Standards

The Kinectrics team of scientists, engineers and technologists is actively involved with standards committees, the evaluation of new materials and their environmental impacts, and the development of advanced high voltage test methods. Our ongoing involvement in research means Kinectrics remains up-to-date with new products and technologies.

Kinectrics performs tests to ANSI, IEEE, AEIC, NEMA, CEA, IEC and other national and international standards including:

  • Wet and Dry Power Frequency Withstand and Flashover
  • Partial Discharge
  • Radio Interference Voltage (RIV)
  • Visual Corona
  • Dry Lightning Impulse Critical Flashover and Withstand
  • Power Arc
  • Step Front Impulse
  • Contamination (solid layer, clean fog method)
  • Custom Test Programs for Research and New Product Development

Typical tests conducted:

  • Lightning and switching impulse tests on power apparatus
  • Impulse tests on transformers
  • Partial discharge tests on internal insulation
  • Visual corona and RIV tests on transmission and substation hardware
  • Load cycling and qualification tests on high voltage power cables
  • Contamination testing of external insulation
  • Design and Type Tests on polymeric, porcelain and glass insulators

Environmental Test Chamber

In addition to its voltage testing capabilities, the Kinectrics HV Lab contains an Environmental Testing Chamber capable of simulating fog, freezing rain and icing conditions continuously, while monitoring the performance of insulation up to test voltages of 350 kV.