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HV Cable Commissioning Testing

Kinectrics has recently expanded its HV cable testing services and now operates several RTS mobile units worldwide

High Voltage (HV) Cable Commissioning and Maintenance Optimization

Kinectrics is uniquely qualified to perform Hi-Pot qualification and “proof of function” cable tests on high voltage power cables, and offers cable testing services using an advanced high power Mobile Resonant Power Supply system rated 260 kV at 83 amps for transmission class cable lines.

Kinectrics’ cable commissioning testing services encompass cables with extruded insulation and high-pressure fluid-filled (HPFF) cables as well as the associated accessories.

On-Site HV Cable Commissioning Testing with Kinectrics Mobile Resonant Test System (RTS)

Kinectrics’ variable frequency Resonant Test Sets are capable of performing post-installation tests on transmission class XLPE cables. Since 2005, Kinectrics has tested more than 1,500 km of cable rated 115 kV and above.

The Kinectrics RTS is also equipped with state-of-the-art broadband partial discharge detection equipment to help identify incipient insulation flaws. Broadband partial discharge technology can help identify insulation issues that may not cause failure during an AC Hi-Pot test.

The Kinectrics RTS has performed successful AC Hi-Pot and partial discharge cable commissioning testing throughout North America, the Caribbean and Middle East. 

We have successfully tested one of the longest cable systems of over 51 km with 47 accessories using 4 RTS units in a master-slave parallel configuration.

Partial Discharge Testing (PD)

Partial Discharge (PD) testing is a predictive, diagnostic test used to identify problems (defects within cable terminations and joints / splices).  PD testing is performed on-line, either in service during a Soak Test, or off-line during an AC Hi-Pot test.

Early detection of partial discharges helps utilities avoid costly high-energy cable failures.

Comprehensive Partial Discharge testing services by Kinectrics:

  • Expert operation, monitoring and data interpretation
  • Individual assessment of joints and cable sections
  • Non-invasive and intrinsically safe partial discharge testing
  • Calibration for factory testing and shorter cable lengths
  • PD source location technology pinpoints the exact location of defects
  • Sensitivity check
  • Meets national and international industry standards

Diagnostic Tests

  • Partial Discharge Testing
  • Dielectric Spectroscopy
  • Voltage Recovery Measurement

Dynamic Feeder Rating Systems – Kinectrics offers complete system implementation in the performance of real-time current ratings for HV cable systems rated 115 kV and above to optimize the load capability of the cable system.

Underground Leak Detection and Location – Kinectrics has successful experience performing oil leak location using per fluorocarbon tagging and a combination of above and in-ground air sampling techniques.

Forensic Analysis – Post failure investigation.

Withstand Tests

  • DC Hi-Pot Testing: primarily for PILC cables
  • VLF Hi-Pot Testing
  • AC Hi-Pot Testing 

System Tests 

  • Capacitance
  • Impedance, Positive and Zero-Sequence Testing
  • Sheath potential testing
Laboratory Testing – Kinectrics has long-term experience with qualification and productions tests of high-voltage cable and accessories.

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