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Dynamic Transformer Rating - DTR - Off-line Version

Sophisticated Software for Transformer Rating

Kinectrics DTR software (off-line version) is a sophisticated tool for power and phase shifting of transformer ratings, temperature and loss of life calculations.

Purpose - Planning & Asset Management

                • Case studies of load capability of power transformers and phase shifting transformers and all the series components for different ambient, loading and cooling conditions
                • Analyses of oil and hot spot temperature rise of power transformer and phase shifting transformers in different ambient, loading and cooling conditions


                General Requirements

                • Manufacturer's heat run test report (each transformer)
                • Daily load profile (each station or transformer)
                • Daily ambient temperature profile (each station or transformer)

                                                Extra Features


                                                • Automatically adjusted tap changers
                                                • Automatically adjusted cooling system
                                                • Self-tuning of some internal parameters when oil and / or hot spot temperature profile and corresponding load profiles are provided
                                                • Series equipment rating (all the devices connected in series to a transformer or a phase shifting transformer; overhead conductors, buses, cables, breakers, CTs 

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