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Distribution Reliability Services

Advanced analytical capabilities to reduce capital costs, identify the causes of utility Distribution reliability problems, determine cost-effective options to improve performance, and enhance operational and maintenance costs.

Managing a Complex Problem

Given the fact that outage causes vary among utilities, and even between areas for the same utility, studies based on Distribution reliability often lack value. Solutions for one area may not be applicable to another locale. Distribution reliability investigations and remedies must be customized to meet individual situations.

Component Failure Investigation

Kinectrics offers extensive experience in failure investigations for Distribution components. We examine failed equipment and provide thorough failure analysis of distribution component samples to determine the cause of the problem, which may be due to manufacturing defects, installation problems, or unusual operating stress, such as transients or overload.

Kinectrics also serves as an authoritative third party to mediate disputes between manufacturers and utilities.

Lab Testing of Components

Kinectrics offers a fully equipped high-voltage and high-current laboratory for equipment testing to determine expected performance. For example, distribution components are subjected to accelerated aging tests for tracking resistance or cable water treeing.  Equipment from different manufacturers is compared or tested to determine interaction results. A variety of underground cable elbows and bushings are mated for testing. Load-breaking performance may be superior in some combinations.

Proven Expertise and Experience

Kinectrics has supplied quality Distribution reliability services to power utilities for over 30 years. Our experience includes numerous studies of component failure analysis, along with extensive component testing through the Canadian Electrical Association.

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