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Commercial Grade Dedication - A Definition

Kinectrics provides comprehensive accredited CGD services to the nuclear industry
What is Commercial Grade Dedication?
Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) is a process whereby a commercial grade item is qualified through verification of its critical characteristics for dedicated nuclear use. CGD is typically performed on items required for safety-related applications.
Kinectrics facilities are unsurpassed in their ability to perform dedication for the nuclear industry. We are uniquely positioned to dedicate, store, and supply:
  • Electrical & Mechanical Components
  • Chemicals and Lubricants
  • Raw materials ( e.g. concrete)

Kinectrics is an industry leader in providing accredited Commercial Grade Dedication services. We have successfully dedicated thousands of items for the  for nuclear industry. 

Services: Seismic Testing, Mechanical Testing, Positive Material Identification, Chemical Testing, Electrical Testing

Quality Standards & Reporting: Z299, 10 CFR 50 Appendix B, NQA-1, Part 21 Reporting, Forensic Analysis Support, CSA

More details on Kinectrics' specific CGD capabilities--including a list of OEM items dedicated--can be found at:  Commercial Grade Dedication at Kinectrics

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