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Cable Testing – Low Voltage(LV) and Medium Voltage(MV)

Advanced capabilities in LV & MV cable testing for generation plant and Transmission & Distribution

The Kinectrics Advantage

Kinectrics gives you the unique advantage of working with a team of highly-qualified internationally recognized specialists who have the right tools—from low-cost solutions to full-scale systems—needed to gather detailed data on equipment.

Kinectrics capabilities for solid extruded polymer cables (PVC, CSPE, XLPE and EPR) and oil-paper (PILC) cables include a full range of laboratory testing and field-based services.

  • Cable condition assessment
  • Replacement strategies and risk assessment

Kinectrics has recently teamed with the U.S. firm Structural Integrity Associates to provide integrated services for cable management program implementation for nuclear and generation plant cables. www.structint.com






Nuclear Cable Management Programs

Kinectrics value-added services for nuclear cable testing cover:

  • Performance testing under a Design Basis Accident (DBA) event
  • Assessment of baseline properties for installed cable
  • Condition assessment of aged spare cables placed in strategic locations
  • Life prediction for safety-related components and parts to meet North American nuclear regulatory and licensing requirements

Kinectrics utilizes NDE (Non Destructive Evaluation) techniques to assess the condition of cables located in hot spots or harsh environment plant areas. With micro samples of cable from the field, Kinectrics can determine radiation / thermal exposure levels and, predict remaining service life.

Advanced Solutions for MV / LV Cable Life Management

Asset Management

Kinectrics uses several proprietary computational tools to assess the effect of maintenance policies on equipment condition, performance and their related risk implications. This methodology allows an effective analysis and determination of optimum maintenance, refurbishment and replacement policies.

Condition Assessment

Kinectrics applies several methodologies combining historical diagnostic information with appropriate diagnostic tests to arrive at the condition of installed cables. Kinectrics has also established one of the largest, most extensive historical databases on cable insulation properties and life assessment in the industry covering:

  • Environmental Qualification – to complement chemical and mechanical analysis testing
  • Major Insulating Materials – used with a Cable Indenter, a non-destructive, in-situ hardness testing device
  • Near Infrared Technology (NIR) – a non-destructive and in-situ spectroscopic insulation characterization device

Micro-destructive Techniques

Physical and chemical techniques are the most sensitive methods available to assess the condition of insulation and the performance of jacket materials during normal service life and a DBA accident event. Kinectrics has developed acceptance criterion to determine the degree of aging of XLPE, EPR, PVC and Hypalon-based insulation materials.

Partial Discharge (PD) Testing

Kinectrics’ leading edge PD technology can determine—on-line—the condition of medium voltage (5-15 kV) shielded cables.

Kinectrics uses both on-line and off-line PD technology and dielectric spectroscopy to determine the state of deterioration of MV cables operating in wet environments and, the condition of paper-insulated cables.

Quality Verification Services for Cable & Equipment Manufacturers

  • Thermal / Environmental Aging Assessment
  • Environmental Chambers
  • Steam / Chemical (LOCA Testing) – NEW Advanced Facility
  • Seismic Qualification
  • Handling of Radioactive Materials
  • Fire / Smoke Testing

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