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Cable Diagnostics - Generation Plant

Accurate, in-depth assessments by established industry experts to determine plant cable condition.
Kinectrics provides reliable, specialized services for generation plant cable condition assessment and effective cable management programs.
We have also established one of the largest and most extensive historical databases on cable insulation properties and life assessment on a worldwide scale. Complementing this unrivalled data resource are numerous sophisticated testing techniques for cable condition assessment using equipment customized by Kinectrics.

Environmental Qualification 

For cable insulation properties and life assessment, our data is based on a number of critical factors, such as temperature, moisture and radiation levels, and specific formulation types. The environmental qualification database complements chemical and mechanical analysis testing and other specialized “micro-destructive” techniques. 

Cable Indenter 

To deliver superior results, visual inspection is combined with Kinectrics’ large database of major insulating materials, including EPR, Hypalon, and PVC, used with a non-destructive, in-situ and field proven hardness testing device for insulation known as a cable indenter. 

Near Infrared Technology (NIR) 

Using NIR, a non-destructive and in-situ spectroscopic insulation characterization device, and information from our expanding database, Kinectrics provides a unique cable insulation material identification technology, specific to formulation types of installed cables. 

Micro-Destructive Techniques 

Physical and chemical techniques are the most sensitive methods to assess the cable condition of insulation and jacket materials performance during normal service life and a DBA accident event. These techniques include elongation at break, differential scanning calorimetry, solubility, plasticizer, and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy.
Except for elongation measurement, all other techniques require only a small sample specimen. Kinectrics has developed acceptance criterion for each of these techniques to determine the degree of aging of XLPE, EPR, PVC and Nitrile-based insulation materials. 

Partial Discharge (PD) Testing 

Kinectrics’ leading edge partial discharge technology determines, online, the condition of medium voltage (5-15 kV) shielded cables.  For low voltage cables held in steel conduits, testing is performed with an ionizing atmosphere, and PD pulses are recorded and analyzed to establish the condition of the cable insulation. 

Dielectric Loss and Conduction Current Waveform 

Two Kinectrics-developed electric diagnostic technologies, the dielectric loss tester and the conduction current waveform tester, are available to establish the integrity of insulating materials.
Both techniques have been successfully applied to the water treeing phenomena that degrades underground transmission cables. Medium voltage cables, found at most industrial plants, may be subjected to more severe environmental conditions. These technologies, complemented by other techniques, reliably predict cable condition.  


Thermal/Environmental Aging Assessment 

Thermal and environmental aging assessment services are tied to Kinectrics forced convection ovens. Temperatures range from -72o Celsius to 177o Celsius.

Environmental Chambers 

To achieve the required thermal aging, oven test specifications are customer designated for easy access, monitoring and uniform sample heating. Temperatures range from -72o Celsius to 177o Celsius, with humidity control. 

Steam/Chemical (LOCA Testing)  

Kinectrics’ specialized services include Loss of Coolant Accident (LOCA) testing and Main
Steam Line Break (MSLB) testing, including steam and chemical exposure.

Seismic Qualification

Kinectrics is renowned for custom seismic testing. Our simultaneous 3-axis test, which reports on all axes, is of exceptional value to equipment manufacturers and suppliers in the nuclear industry.

Handling of Radioactive Materials  

Our specially equipped radioactive materials labs are designed to receive and test handled materials exposed to radiation and other contaminated samples. 

Fire/Smoke Testing 

To provide our customers with a “one-stop shop”, Kinectrics offers vertical flame and smoke density testing of cables.

Direct Client Benefits

  • Access to an extensive database of insulating material properties for reliable correlation of cable condition
  • Proprietary test plans to ensure qualification of cables at nuclear power plants against major accidents (i.e. LOCA and MSLB)
  • Integration of mechanical, chemical and electrical technologies to reliably predict cable condition
  • Projects designed to suit your needs and schedule
  • Detailed report documentation
  • Confidentiality guaranteed