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Spent Ion Exchange Resins - Retrieval and Packaging for a Waste Facility

Specialized Capabilities for Reliable Waste Sampling, Analysis and Handling

This project involves collection of resin samples from underground storage vaults and tanks at a shutdown prototype nuclear reactor site, followed by radiochemical characterization to support the safe retrieval and packaging of the spent ion exchange resin from reactor moderator purification and heat transport purification systems.

A Kinectrics-developed resin sampling tool with multiple sample compartments and designated work procedures is used to collect the resin samples. A Kinectrics-developed air sampling system with associated work procedures is deployed for collection of headspace air samples.

A 3-dimensional physical, chemical, and radiochemical characterization profile of the stored resins is being developed to determine the appropriate strategy for retrieval, packaging and transportation of wastes to a dedicated facility for interim storage.
Kinectrics is responsible for Radiation Protection (RP) at the site during sampling, as well as the resin retrieval and transportation work phases.  The work includes RP planning documentation, project- specific instructions, assessment of radiological work phases, dose assessments, and site administration.
  • Development of station procedures for sampling, including work, radiation protection, and safety procedures
  • Deployment of tooling and execution of sampling in the field 
  • Radiochemical characterization of the resin, cover water, headspace air, and storage sand and gravel samples by Kinectrics’ Analytical Chemistry Laboratory 
  • Assessment of analytical data, development of a 3-dimensional characterization profile within the storage tanks and vaults, and determination of strategy for retrieval, packaging and transportation of wastes
  • Dose rate surveys of the work site, and 2-dimensional dose rate profiling of the storage tank and internal vault
  • Monitoring and scrubbing of the C-14 and H-3 within the vault airspace

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