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Replica Examination of a Bleed Condenser Nozzle at a Nuclear Generating Station

Rapid response replica examination of a linear indication discovered near the nozzle-to-shell weld on a bleed condenser.

The replication process was performed efficiently using Kinectrics’ proven procedure for the production of field metallographic replicas. The procedure uses nuclear-safe materials and chemicals to produce a metallographic ‘fingerprint’ of the indication or area of interest. 

Although the in-situ replication process is useful for microstructructural characterization, it only reveals the surface plane of the defect or indication in question. Staged grinding, polishing, and replication also needed to be performed in order to determine the depth of the indication.

The indication was located near the nozzle-to-shell weld and consisted of a large, linear void. 

Optical examination of the replica characterised the indication as a weld defect, likely caused by a lack of fusion.  Results from the in-situ metallography helped to identify the indication as non-propagating. 

Kinectrics recommended that further Non Destructive Evaluation inspection be performed to establish the depth of the flaw to support subsequent disposition. 

Kinectrics’ ability to mobilize on short notice and perform the work within 3 business days of the request, as well as issue a report within 2 business days of the inspection, earned the Kinectrics’ Team an outage award nomination.

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