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Remnant Life Assessment of Insulation on Hydro Generator Stator Bars

Advanced facilities for the reliable assessment of insulation life in rotating machine components

​Client objective

The client requested a full assessment of the insulation condition on his 13.8 kV hydro generator stators to determine the remnant insulation life and potential need for replacement of four stator windings that had been in operation for approximately 25 years.

Scope of work

A total of 6 bars were removed / replaced by the client from one of the operational generator stators which, along with an original spare bar, were shipped to Kinectrics’ facility for assessment.

Work performed

Detailed assessment at Kinectrics of the 7 bars supplied consisted of a combination of tests and inspections, including:
  • Assessment of the client-supplied Partial Discharge data
  • Visual examination
  • Surface Resistivity tests
  • Partial Discharge tests
  • Capacitance & Dissipation Factor tests
  • Hi-pot testing
  • Voltage Endurance tests to IEEE 1043
  • Dissection of the insulation

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