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Inventory Upgrade for Nuclear Parts and Components

Ensuring a reliable supply of nuclear grade parts and components

No supply of parts and components is infinite. Nuclear plants experience obsolescence challenges every day. They often need a replacement part from a manufacturer that either no longer exists, no longer operates under a nuclear Quality Assurance Program, or no longer supports that legacy piece of equipment which needs to be replaced.

Shrinking plant O&M budgets coupled with agining equipment present an ever growing backlog of obsolescene problems to the nuclear industry, Issues which can severely affect plant capacity and equipment availability.

Solutions are limited and most are costly; if not for hardware acquisition, then costly for modification, or both.  But with Kinectrics' help the solution can already be in your hands.

Providing Qualified Replacement Parts  - A Case Study

Kinectrics' Customer located in the USA needed a replacement molded-case circuit breaker for maintenance during an upcoming safety train outage.  The model was long out of production and no longer stocked in reserve by any distributors.  No one had these breakers … except the Customer.  Fortunately, the Customer also had non-safety related inventory of the same breaker model.  Even though it was not “safety related” the model had been procured from the OEM with traceability and stored and maintained in their Level B storage facility. 

Kinectrics dedicated the breakers through inspections and functional tests to support upgrading them to "basic component" status, crediting the customer's traceabiltiy to the OEM and considering the storage and shelf-life effects under our 10 CFR 50 Quality Assurance Program. Kinectrics delivered the dedicated product our customer needed as a quick, turnkey solution.

Reliable Nuclear Parts Support--Local and Worldwide

The Kinectrics US facility has the reliable, qualified staff, and flexibility to devote to unique and time-sensitive customer needs to ensure the highest quality--and timely--delivery of critical nuclear safety-related componanets.

Kinectrics and Kinectrics US have ethe staff, capabilities and faciltiies to take your problems and return viable cost-effective solutions. We can provide the parts and compaonents our customers need both now and into the future.

Complete Obsolescence Solutions.

If it’s no longer made, Kinectrics can get it manufactured.  If it hasn’t ever been qualified, we can conduct the qualification testing. If you don’t know what it’s made of, we can identify the material.  If it failed in service, we can help you identify why. When you have commercial inventory in stock that needs to be upgraded, Kinectrics can provide full CGD support















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