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Senior Management

David Harris

President & Chief Executive Officer

Since joining Kinectrics in 2003 as President and CEO, David Harris has successfully grown the company, both organically, and through strategic acquisitions.

Today, the rapidly-expanding Toronto-based organization provides technical services to the electricity industry in Canada, USA and internationally. Kinectrics' key successes under Harris--increased revenue, enhanced customer satisfaction and staff morale, and improved safety--have significantly broadened the company's established client base.

Ownership of Kinectrics was successfully transferred from Vision Capital to the Management Executives of Kinectrics in January 2015 with Harris as the majority shareholder.

Prior to moving to Canada, Harris held a variety of senior management, and technical roles in AEA Technology Plc, and its predecessor UKAEA. Harris has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Leeds University in England.

Nancy MacDonald Exel

Chief Financial Officer

Nancy MacDonald Exel was appointed to her current role as CFO of Kinectrics in October 1999.

Previously, Nancy MacDonald Exel was CFO of Wescast Industries, a public automotive supplier listed on the NASDAQ and TSX. She was Audit Partner at Doane Raymond, a national accounting firm of chartered accountants. Nancy has been Chair of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario’s Application Committee and a member of the Discipline Committee.

Shahrokh Zangeneh

Executive Vice President, Global Business Development

Shahrokh Zangeneh has been Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at Kinectrics since April 2002.

Prior to joining Kinectrics, Shahrokh Zangeneh was Vice President, Global Sales & Marketing at GE T&D Automation Solutions in Calgary; and General Manager, Strategic Marketing & Acquisitions, GE Energy Services, T&D. He was also Director, Global Sales & Marketing at CAE Energy Control Systems Division in Montreal, and Senior Manager, East Midlands Electricity Plc, UK, where he oversaw major T&D construction projects and network operations.

Larry Gibbons

Vice President, Human Resources

Larry Gibbons was appointed to his current role as Vice President, Human Resources at Kinectrics in October 1999. Larry serves on the Board of Directors of Kinectrics Inc and Kinectrics US Inc.

Previously, Larry was Director, Human Resources for Praxair Distribution USA and Praxair Canada as well as serving on the Board of Directors for Praxair Canada. He also held several executive levels at Union Carbide Canada, where he progressed from Manager, Labour Relations to Director, Human Resources.

John D’Angelo

VP Engineering and General Manager, Nuclear Products & Engineered Services

John D’Angelo has been the General Manager of the Nuclear Parts & Engineered Services business unit since 2008 and at Kinectrics since 1987. In 2015 he assumed the role of VP Engineering. John D'Angelo also manages the operations of Kinectrics US Inc.

John has held a variety of positions at Kinectrics over the years progressing from technical apprenticeship to senior management. He is currently responsible for a portfolio of operations primarily dealing with nuclear plant inspection tooling, maintenance and inspection services, nuclear equipment parts and components, environmental qualification, and civil and environmental engineering solutions. He is also a registered Professional Engineer of Ontario.

Will Phythian

Director, Strategic Growth

Dr. Will Phythian joined Kinectrics in August 2012 as General Manager of the Generation Life Cycle Management (GLCM) business area. He is now Director, Strategic Growth.

Will has worked in the nuclear industry since 1987 when he joined UK AEA and was the lead scientist and project manager on a variety of international nuclear materials-related projects. His later background includes extensive experience in both the technical and corporate sectors of the nuclear business. He managed large teams of scientists and engineers before moving on to assume more commercial and corporate-focused responsibilities in nuclear.

During a previous tenure in Canada, Will served for 3 years as President and CEO of a UK - Canadian joint venture company dealing with waste management, health physics and related services. He was appointed Head of Site for RWE Nukem at Sellafield upon his return to the UK.

As a Manager and Director with Nuvia, Will has been actively involved in extensive international business and most recently served as a Director, Nuvia India Pvt Ltd.

Will graduated from Liverpool University with a B.Sc. in Physics and Materials Science and also holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Radiation Damage in HCP Metals. He was awarded a Wolfson Industrial Fellowship at Oxford for work on radiation damage in RPV steels.

Dave Clarke

General Manager, Transmission and Distribution Technologies

Dave Clarke assumed his role as General Manager of the Kinectrics Transmission & Distribution Technologies (TDT) business unit in 2011.

The TDT business unit focuses on power delivery systems, including the transmission grid, distribution systems and associated equipment. The group's High Voltage, High Current, Arc Hazard Testing, Safety Testing, and Mechanical Testing Labs are among the most pre-eminent testing and certification facilities serving the industry today.

Dave Clarke is a professional engineer with over 25 years industry experience. Previously, he was VP, Canadian Power Products at ABB. Clarke is a well-rounded leader known in the TDT industry for his positive client relationships, business acumen, project management ability and team building skills.